, a Bitcoin Education Site

Recently I launched, a Bitcoin education site which currently supports searching and displaying Bitcoin transactions as well as interpreting the locking and unlocking script associated with those transactions.

Couple of Script related things that are supported:

Still a lot of room for improvements, for example, address search could be enabled, more information from backend could be presented at the frontend to help better understand how the transaction is verified. But I hope this could already be helpful for people who want to build a deeper understanding of how Bitcoin script works.

The intention is that in the future when more script related features are introduced in Bitcoin, such as Taproot, MAST or Schnorr signatures, nioctib could be extended to help people understanding those as well.

Following is a screenshot of the site displaying a MultiSig P2SH script while it is executed.

nioctib - bitcoin.reversed

All the code is open sourced under the MIT license.


Written on November 23, 2018