Grand Vision and Mundane Tasks

When Mao lead the revolution, majority of the peasants who played the decisive role were more interested in land redistribution than communism.

When genes were passed on from one generation to the next, most of the individuals involved were driven by their sex urges instead of the mission to continue their species.

When decentralized consensus was made possible for the first time ever in human history through Blockchain, it was merely the by product of all the participants acting for their own interests.

When Bitcoin finally becomes a household name, it is not because everybody starts to grasp its intrinsic value and the profound consequence it may bring about, it is the FOMO.

Somebody needs to come up with the grand vision, but often times they are carried out by the masses through mundane tasks. What connects the two is probably one of the most interesting things in the world.

Written on December 8, 2017