A Bitcoin Library

One of the nice things about living in Sweden is the “pappaledighet” (parental leave). In the last two months I took that and had a lot of fun spending time with my lovely son Filip. But when he is asleep, I worked on a small Bitcoin library to help myself understand the intricacies of this amazing technology. After diving deeper into the blockchain space since March this year, I am gradually convinced of its potential to advance our societies because of one thing it enabled which was never possible before: dicentralised trust.

The name of the library is Bitcoin4s. The plan is to develop the basic SPV functionalities and expose APIs so that it would be possible to build a client to show how bitcoin works internally with greater details.

Edit (2018-12-01):

Currently, nioctib is built as client to Bitcoin4s to show how Bitcoin script works.

Written on October 7, 2017